Taking a breather


By Caitlin Kelly

I know everyone’s tired and overwhelmed and distracted right now.

The U.S., for a lot of reasons, is a firestorm both literally and politically.

Millions are broke, exhausted, ill, angry, despairing, grieving.

Writing this blog for so few views these days — sorry! — also means I’m going to take a break.

I’ll see you in a week or two.

Maybe by then I’ll have more interesting material!

Stay safe.

Stay healthy.

20 thoughts on “Taking a breather

      1. Yeah, and it seems worse than in other countries, but maybe that’s because I haven’t heard anything else from other countries even before I went off the articles.
        At least there’s about fifty different routes of escape from the world right now. A majority of them don’t even involve leaving your home.

  1. Jan Jasper

    Caitlin, I hope you enjoy your sell-deserved break. Please don’t fault yourself – your material is always quite interesting! When I see a new post – or a comment from your thoughtful followers here – I always read it promptly. If I don’t have anything useful to add, then I don’t comment.
    Just sayin….

  2. enjoy your break and recharge and relax. (and i know you’re working too). take one thing off the plate when it seems to full, a good rule of thumb. i always find your pieces so interesting, but i know you can only do so many things at one time in order to do them justice – be safe and well

    1. Thanks! The violence in the U.S. right now — a female photographer blinded by a cop, a CNN commentator arrested for no reason — it’s a very very very ugly time here and I think it’s wearing me down.

      1. I’m not surprised it’s wearing you down. It all feels like it’s too much. I’ve been glued to the news this past weekend (ignoring my resolution to only check once or twice a day, for my own mental health) and reading the NY Times coverage. It’s sickening. Take care!

  3. Susan Dunphy

    Good for you for knowing when you need a break. Take care of yourself. Look forward to reading your column after your break.

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