Something blue

By Caitlin Kelly

For Joni Mitchell fans, this 1971 release, Blue, remains one of her best albums.

These days, it’s also how I’m feeling, really worn down by endless months of isolating and mask-wearing, not seeing friends, losing friendships over endless drama, working too hard without breaks (while always grateful for work!)

Borders slammed shut because American “leadership” on this pandemic has killed 100s of thousands, with many more ahead. So, no travel!


Instead, please just enjoy some of my images, filled with blue, and beauty!




A bit of cutwork linen, dyed blue, found in a Paris flea market, which I used as a pillow applique




The blue sky over Long Island, NY. Loved this elegant wrought-iron gate.



market 02

A truck-side sign — “apple-grower” — at the Atwater Market in Montreal.



L1000877 (1)

I saw this at one of the entrances to the Piazza San Marco in Venice




Sigh.  Spent a perfect solo afternoon here,  Croatia, July 2017



A vintage tablecloth scored in Maine




Fishing lines at rest, Burtonport, Co. Donegal, Ireland




Try climbing those steps in the dark, wearing a headlamp! A Nicaraguan toilet we used while reporting there for WaterAid in 2014




One of my favorite Toronto sights, and journeys — the ferry to the Islands





I was so touched to get this in the mail from fellow Blogger Elizabeth Harper, then working in a pub, who kindly thought this might be appropriate!

13 thoughts on “Something blue

  1. sorry you’re feeling blue, but it’s totally understandable under the circumstances. I do love the blue choices you’ve made to share with us, especially the blue linen piece and the Irish fishing lines. both beautiful –

  2. Your blue-themed photos are the best blue. 🙂 I know what you mean about the work – I am grateful to be employed, unlike so many, but I have been going flat out. I’m taking about 3-4 weeks of holidays starting Wed and heading to B.C.; so looking forward to it. Try to be good to yourself. 🙂

    1. That sounds GREAT!!! I envy you but know it’s overdue.

      I am now trying to find an affordable/nice hotel on Long Island for only a 4 day break, all we can afford right now. I REALLY hope I can flee to Europe for the month of September as I’d hoped, but am not optimistic — no eager to waste 14 precious days quarantining.

      1. Too bad it’s not a longer break! You probably already know about the EU thinking of closing its borders to Americans and others who have been in the US. And yup, even if they don’t, there’s quarantine. I have to quarantine when I come back to NWT after my break in BC. I hate that but I guess it’s what I have to do. I’m going to be so happy when this is over.

      2. I know about this, for sure, and my crappy mental health (a very very bad week on other social media fronts) is dropping fast.

        Not kidding.

        I feel utterly trapped and worn out by being trapped in such a shitty, angry, racist country. Tough for me.

      3. Sorry to hear that you’re feeling so crap. It’s been astonishing watching how bad things have become in the US. If someone had predicted this, I never, never would have believed it. Maybe you should try coming to Canada. Not that you can do a lot of travel (from where you are geographically, anyway – Ontario and especially Quebec are still struggling somewhat) but I think some travel would be possible and it’s at least a change of scene. Try to be good to yourself.

      4. I’m not allowed in!!!!

        Believe me, I would have been back like a shot….but Americans have been banned unless it’s an emergency, and I live in NY.

        s one reason i am so angry and worn out. No escape.

      5. But you are Canadian, yes? I thought that all Canadian citizens are allowed in (and their spouses)? Is it because you don’t have an address? Alberta and B.C. saw a rise in license plates from Texas and Arizona in places like Banff and Manning Park. People who were just on holidays claimed to be “driving to Alaska” as a way of crossing the border. “Driving to Alaska” should be removed as an option to entre. There are other ways to get there!

      6. I can go — but cannot afford the cost of 14 days’ quarantine in a hotel and can’t see how to do that at a friend’s home either….It’s totally off-putting. And Jose would not be allowed in.

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