More simple pleasures

By Caitlin Kelly


An ongoing series…


The last few days of our outdoor pool, swimming laps beneath a blue sky

A new bathing suit that really fits!

Having that new bathing suit fit even better after weeks of daily laps

Hanging it from a doorknob, ready for the next day

The cool side of the pillow

Snuggling beneath the duvet as evenings grow cooler



Newspapers and breakfast in bed


Strong coffee with half-and-half

Fresh pineapple

Wondering what birds we’re hearing in the treetops

The low, golden, slanting light of autumn, so distinct and different

Sitting on a friend’s back deck catching up after months apart

Fresh scones from a local bakery

Watching the bees arrive every morning to enjoy our small balcony garden

New York City’s museums re-opening soon!

My gym (we’ll see how I feel) re-opening soon!




A vintage kilim rug, bought at auction




Enjoying meals on the balcony




Diner rice pudding!




Homemade iced tea



Late afternoon living room shadows of a carved wooden horse atop an armoire




Endlessly re-watching  favorite films like this one, The Maltese Falcon



What are some of yours these days?

19 thoughts on “More simple pleasures

  1. Jan Jasper

    Now that it’s a bit cooler, I can pull some of the weeds out of my flower beds – before they completely take over and strangle the flowers….A Saturday evening concert series on the lawn of the local art school, with chalk lines drawn on the grass to facilitate social distancing, and of course masks required. I know my neighbors are smiling when they see me; I can’t see their mouths but I see their eyes crinkle, and we greet one another with elbow bumps….cooler evenings so I can again enjoy taking walks, having avoided the outdoors during all these weeks of heat and humidity…and, like you Caitlin, I always enjoy seeing the bees in my yard, doing their bee business with the flowers. I actually talk to them, I welcome them and encourage them to bring their bee friends. And if it doesn’t rain for a while, I put out trays with very shallow water so the bees can drink without drowning (a suggestion I read somewhere)….

      1. Jan Jasper

        Caitlin, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who talks to bees! Without those little guys, we wouldn’t have much food, I’ve been learning….

    1. Thanks to Jan’s simple pleasure, maybe the price of my fave honeys won’t go up too much (more). Chestnut, buckwheat…. So simple pleasures can have pleasant ripple effects.
      My current (last!) NYC apartment has a common outdoor space where a few of us of advancing age get together of a Friday evening with our drinks and indulge in a little gossip (not malicious). A simple pleasure of sorts.
      Our courtyard caretakers who water the much-admired plantings, but who aren’t gardeners per se, could be puzzled by a water for bees offering. Maybe I’ll go for it anyway. Meantime, when I get a chance to catch up with Caitlin’s blog and comments, that’s a pleasure rediscovered.

    2. Hmmm… all sorts of great fresh products coming in at the outdoor farmers markets (good for social distancing). Cooler walks in the morning enjoying all the flowers. Finally able to work on some outside projects and general maintenance things. Reading. And trying to find some sort of rhythm with my recent retirement.

  2. A good audio book. A good book in general. Music to match my many moods. Making progress on a new story. A Zoom call with people I like. A good workout. A movie. The smell of incense burning. A snack from Starbucks. Mastering a new recipe (just found one for kosher, low-cal fried chicken without a lot of oil). Sleeping in as late as I want. These are a few of my favorite things.

    1. I hate to admit the size and (!!) it’s Land’s End. Truly one of the best designed and most comfortable suits I’ve even worn: comfortable, great bust support, high and tight armholes, firm support from the straps. Really well done.,43307,43325,43392,44093,44256,44454,44967 (mine is not this color)

      NOT this model — but this is my pattern,43307,43325,43392,44256,44967

      1. What a coincidence-I don’t normally buy suits from Lands’ End but I have a catalog sitting on my counter because there were a couple that looked like they might be really flattering. Which is so rare with swimsuits.

  3. walking to the farmer’s market each Saturday to buy fresh flowers and fruit, waking up sunday morning to hot coffee with cream and the nyt puzzle and good music, watching the trees very slowly beginning to change, a slight cooling in the air in the early morning and evening, beautiful sunsets watched sitting by the river.

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