20 thoughts on “A beautiful image of RBG

    1. Thanks.

      I had never seen them til this morning — and they are. I don’t like many of Jose’s images, to me just another white male politician, but these are special.

      (They can be ordered from the NYT.)

  1. It feels like a punch in the gut, losing Justice Ginsburg. Especially on the eve of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. I just hope it’s the last blow of a bad year and not a sign of things to come for this new lunar cycle.

  2. Even though I’m Canadian, I feel sad for her loss. And after I learned that the Speaker will hold a vote on her replacement so close to the election, I feel sickened. I don’t know how all of this can be fixed. This has just been a very terrible year.

  3. It just makes me want to cry. She was at the National Book Festival in DC almost exactly a year ago. The line outside the convention center started forming at 5am. I knew better to even try getting in to see her, so I headed to the Fiction hall. I met a young girl in line. She was disappointed she couldn’t go to see her interview but she held up RGB’s book and said “I’ll meet her later when I get my book signed!”
    I hope she got it.

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