21 questions, answered

By Caitlin Kelly

I miss travel the most!

Time for something lighter!

The FT’s glossy magazine How to Spend It runs a 21-question survey of people whose taste and opinions they consider interesting.

Here are my answers to their questions:

My personal style signifier

A scarf or muffler, in silk, cashmere, wool, linen.

The last thing I bought and loved

Two throw pillows from Svenkst Tenn, a Swedish department store.

On my wishlist

Travel! To leave the United States and travel far and wide, slowly.

The best gift I’ve given recently

A copy of this book, to a friend I met online (!)

The best gift I have ever received

The massive Times Atlas of the World, given by my then very broke medical student boyfriend, later first husband

In my fridge, you’ll always find

Cheese, half and half, selzer, lemons and limes

My favorite room in my house

House? House!? I wish! Have never owned a house and haven’t lived in one since 1989, a New Hampshire rental. (Our one apartment bathroom is gorgeous, if tiny. I designed it and delight in it.)

The last album I downloaded

I never download and have long lists of things I want to.

I have a serious collection of

Brown and white transferware 19th century china. Linen napkins.

An object I would never part with

My Canadian passport.

An unforgettable place I’ve traveled to in the past year

A nature sanctuary in Pennsylvania, filled with silence and very tall pine trees. Not another soul.

The best souvenir I ever brought home

A set of metal mixing bowls from my favorite cookware store in Montreal — now out of business.

Recently I’ve been reading

A variety of fiction and essays.

The best book I’ve read in the past year

A recent “find”

Doyle online auctions!

If I could, I would collect


I had a memorable meal at

A basic, small-town Italian restaurant in Pennsylvania. Great food. Welcoming staff.

My style icon

Hmmmm. Tough one! Probably Auntie Mame.

My grooming staples

Sunscreen. Many fragrances: L’Eau de l’Artisan by l’Artisan Parfumeur; Chanel Number 5; Terre by Hermes, Prada Iris. Glossier eyebrow liner.

If I weren’t doing what I do, I’d have been

A radio talk show host. Interior designer. Retail store owner. Choreographer.

I can’t wait to get back to

Canada, to see all our friends. Europe, for the same. Travel!

17 thoughts on “21 questions, answered

  1. I’m so impatient to be able to travel again. And eat at an indoor restaurant. Luxuries, I know, but my world, like most people’s, has become very small and I’m feeling restless! I’m hoping to go to Italy next summer, but we’ll see if that’s possible.

    Do you wear perfume at home? I stopped wearing mine as I’m at home full-time now, but have been thinking about buying a new fragrance to cheer myself up!

    1. I wear perfume at home. “Chance” by Chanel. Purchased at Macey’s in New York City December 1, 2018. Reminds me of a fabulous long weekend celebrating my birthday, expanding my comfort zone and celebrating life. … Go for it! 💕

      1. I fell in love with NYC that weekend. Every time I wear that perfume I am reminded of my award collected at the Equus Film Festival, a delightful Italian restaurant in Brooklyn called The Naked Dog, and an epiphany during a taxi ride through Manhattan. Pure magic!

      2. Like many I have several fragrances in my trove, some I’ve used for decades, each with its own memories. Last year when we went to the south of France we stopped at Grasse and I treated myself to a sampling of perfume by Fragonard. Whenever I wear one of them I am reminded of that beautiful place. This collection will last me for years. 😊

      3. That sounds beautiful! 🙂 Your mention of Grasse reminded me of some perfume I was gifted from L’Occitane; they had a wonderful ‘Collection de Grasse’ set. I love L’Occitane products and fragrances to bring a little bit of French glamour into my daily routine!

  2. Edmonton Tourist

    I also miss travel and am curious to see what a post-covid travel world will look like. Meanwhile, I am saving a lot of money by staying home. I turn to books to seek out adventure now.

    1. Same…

      We have been pouring that $ into our apartment — new sofa/rug/2 new lampshades and finials and some custom framing.

      I really miss travel but my 4 day jaunt to small town Pennsylvania showed me that all the things I really want from being away are now just annoying — masking in every public space, no room service, no maid service at all. I don’t need LUXURY but it does need to feel like a pleasant break. And I am not great with a small right-wing town with nothing to do…

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