At the edge of the precipice…

By Caitlin Kelly

Tomorrow — as anyone in the U.S. knows — is election day.

Without doubt, it’s the most frightening and essential we’ve faced in the past century — and I mean going back to 1920.

The choice between two old white men is not appealing.

It is not what many of us wanted.

The choice between four more years of lies, grift, theft, racism and violence incited by the President, and…anything but that…feels stark and fraught with peril.

It is.

I left my native Canada in 1988, eager to start a shiny new life in the United States, grateful for my American mother’s ability to allow me access to a “green card” to become (in that hideous phrase), a “resident alien.”

It’s been a wild, wild ride. I lived for 18 months in small-town New Hampshire with my American boyfriend, then a medical resident, then moved with him to a suburban New York town. We married and he walked out two years later to marry a co-worker and have two daughters with her.

I’ve had great staff jobs — as a magazine editor, as a New York Daily News reporter, as a two-time author.

I’ve generally loved my life here and am in no rush to sell a home we love in a town we love and a state we love.

But this country has become even more toxic for so many.

Tomorrow — and the inevitable days and weeks ahead of arguing and violence and lawsuits and challenges to every vote — is making millions of us very, very fearful.

Yesterday — in the sort of thuggery Americans love to jeer at in other countries — a convoy of Trump supporters blocked a bridge that crosses the Hudson River.

Imagine if you were the dying patient in an ambulance, or trying to reach a fire.

This is blatantly illegal and dangerous.

Egged on by the bully in the White House — who just added yet another fence to his massively encircled home — his worhipers thrive on aggression and rage.

For one, I can’t take another minute of it, let alone four years.

It’s going to be an emotional week.

28 thoughts on “At the edge of the precipice…

  1. Jan Jasper

    I am worried about Trump supporting fanatics going to polling places in swing states, in such large numbers that the police will not be able to gain access. What just happened in Texas with the Trump Caravan surrounding the Biden campaign bus is incredibly scary. Apparently the police weren’t able to do anything because the roads were completely clogged with vehicles driven by Trump supporters. Imagine what could happen at a polling place in Philadelphia – police can’t just stop anyone in a car with a Trump flag and bumper sticker, they could be coming to vote peacefully. But if police wait until there are 30 such vehicles, police may no longer be able to get access at that point. And that’s not even taking into account that some policemen support Trump and may decide not to do their jobs. Like everyone, I am incredibly worried, and unfortunately I don’t think the violence and mayhem will be confined only to November 3rd and 4th.

      1. Jan Jasper

        Caitlin , Just to show you how anxious I am – initially when you said they have access to helicopters, I thought you meant the Trump fanatics. Well, when I realized your meaning I had a grim chuckle. Anyhow thanks for that, it is a bit reassuring

  2. YES, the rest of the world is doing just that, Caitlin, lockdowns may even reinforce attention the US political suspense saga. .
    In Paris (where I’m happy to start my new life with a low-rent few months in the pied-a-terre of Brussels pals) my fave radio station will do an Election all-nighter….
    The second Paris lockdown just began (barely 2 weeks after my arrival here) so, now if caught in an unauthorized in-person foray beyond a radius of 1km from your Paris place, you can be fined 150euro…..
    I tried to interest *NY* pals in a zoom cocktail confab at 11pm MY time, but 5pm EST is deemed already too tense a returns moment to share with anyone but the TV?!
    Well, good luck to all of us on the precipice Even when it’s over, as you say, this time it will be far from over..

  3. Unbelievable that he ever even had a sniff at getting in. I’m hearing and reading all sorts of prognostications around how bad it will be if he loses, let alone if he wins. I watched video of stores being boarded up in case of riots. Stay safe.

  4. Yes, it is going to be a rough week. I am trying to stay hopeful for a landslide for Biden/Harris, but I can’t forget the massive disappointment in the system and my fellow Americans back in 2016 when tRump was elected. I guess in some way I’m trying to guard myself from being too hopeful, as I assumed there was no way he was going to win then, yet he did.

    My plan for unfurnished small Paris 1BR will cost substantially more per the search I did the other day. (Meanwhile, I’m paying about the same as you found in Montreal, thanks to a good deal with pals).You’d have the exchange rate going for you, I have the reverse.
    Thrilled not to be in the same country as that criminal, but am far from psychically disconnected…..Btw, I started my absentee ballot saga a couple months before everyone else signed up to vote by mail. I succeeded, but was so obsessed I ended up dropping off my ballot at the Board of Elections quite close to my flight date. (Flight being the right word 🙂

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