By Caitlin Kelly

This isn’t an issue I’ve read a lot about, but here it is….

If you, as I have, have spent time with a narcissist, subject to their twisted and exhausting manipulations and rage and gaslighting, the past four years of Trump’s presidency have been very very triggering.

That experience leaves you with a sort of PTSD. I cannot tolerate being shouted at or verbally abused — very rare now, but has happened a few times in recent years from others — and will shake for hours afterward when it happens.

To have that toxic piece of filth, and his lying, cold, grifting family GONE?

And a woman of color as our Vice-President!

I can breathe.

I can breathe.

So can millions and millions of relieved Americans.

Here is a powerful clip of commentator Van Jones, on CNN.

18 thoughts on “Exhaling…

      1. Jose — my husband — who covered 3 Presidents as a member of the White House Press Corps — feels confident Biden knows how to work the levers of power a hell of a lot better than 45 ever did. If anyone can work with McConnell, maybe it’s him?

      1. Carol

        I was raised by a narcissistic mother. Recently had a narcissist for a boss. And when Trump was elected I was shook. I cried this afternoon. I hope it gets easier but the divided country will need healing …

      2. So so so sorry — and you know how very exhausting it’s been for us.

        I got REALLY sick of the endless OMG!!!!! face-palming by the media and others (so surprised!!! Repeatedly, as if he would ever ever change?!) when EVERYONE subjected to narcissism personally knew EXACTLY what he would do to America. And did.


      3. A commenter – re the Biden political bio pub today in the NYT – said “It’s just fantastic to know now I can go to bed not worrying if a dangerous tweet from a seriously disturbed man is going to trigger a domestic or international crisis..” I guess domestic still is possible 😦 Prison, please!!

  1. I Identify with the abuse-by-narcissist thing. If I hadn’t been feeling so personally?! abused, I wouldn’t feel this relieved. Can’t remember another time I felt so hugely relieved. Pandemic pressure and isolation haven’t helped, either. It IS good to breathe along with all the millions of others out there.

  2. Jan Jasper

    I have been crying tears of joy and relief all afternoon. I’m driving through the leafy ultra-liberal suburbs of central/northern New Jersey, and you can’t imagine all the horn honking of joy and even people dancing in the streets. Hallelujah!
    Unfortunately Trump will not go quietly, and I am very concerned that he will whip his nut job Proud Boy and Ted Nugent type followers into violence. I’m sure that Biden already has a security detail protecting him and his family. I look forward to the day when Trump’s sorry ass will go to prison, and if there’s any justice, he will rot and die in prison

  3. I’m very happy as well. I hope this means that I have to worry a bit less about Proud Boys and other anti-Semitic groups, or homophobic groups, trying to hurt me for being as I was born and raised. And I hope this allows many Americans to live easier. I hope this means this country will be able to heal.

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