More simple pleasures

By Caitlin Kelly

With so many of our normal activities now too dangerous, what’s left?


Gorgeous fall light, low and slanting

Peter Lorre in The Maltese Falcon

Bingeing great TV shows and movies

Lying under the duvet listening to the radio

Making butternut squash soup and apple crumble

Long phone calls with old friends

Planning your Christmas card list

Cosy new pajamas and slippers

A new wall or room color!

Farrow & Ball’s most recent fandeck

Shelter magazines to dream by

Fresh pillowcases

Bouquets in every room

Late afternoon naps

Choosing new recipes to try

If you have art or design reference books, leafing through them and enjoying the visuals

A bowl of tangerines

Drinking your tea or coffee from a favorite mug or lovely cup and saucer

A warm croissant with raspberry jam

Sitting alone in silence, every day

Waking up, dining and going to sleep by candlelight

A pot of tea

Patting your dog or cat or maybe even your tiny albino hedgehog

Playing cards with your sweetie

Hugging your kid(s)

A Kit Kat!

And yours?

10 thoughts on “More simple pleasures

  1. Carl Socolow

    Hmmm. My first thought was separating simple pleasures from responsibility activities like putting the garden to bed or washing the windows so I have a clear view when winter performs. But in a dharmic sense they’re not mutually exclusive. There is enjoyment to be found in making the bathroom or the kitchen sparkle, a complete antithesis to that which was driving me crazy scant hours before.
    But simple pleasures include pulling fresh baguettes from the oven (knowing the color is just at that penultimate point before burning) and listening to them crackle as they cool.
    Or watching the light traverse the wilting late season flowers.
    Or, best of all, perhaps, lap time with the cat.

  2. Humm, like most others, keeping our nest clean is important, if only to keep my mind at peace. But the simple pleasures of reading, playing guitar, and writing make my days pass too quick!

  3. Writing, of course, as well as reading. Currently I’m reading 7 Weeks in Hell by Iseult Murphy and listening to Dracula on audio book. Binging great shows and new anime as well. Trying new recipes (I’m trying a new chicken recipe for Shabbat tonight). The smell of incense burning in my apartment. Movies, both beloved and new (just picked up some I’ve never seen before from the library). And a drive is always nice.

  4. a mug of warm mocha, 4 new books just waiting for me, soft and comfortable clothes, new bed pillows, a new jigsaw puzzle filled with beautiful birds, and watching the queen’s gambit. i’ll bet you were so excited to see the new paint colors. any favorites this year?

    1. Nice!!

      I’ve treated myself to more new books this year than in many past years. And I really need a new bed pillow!

      New colors…Hmmmm. My favorite is still their brilliant yellow, Babouche.

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