Why to re-visit somewhere you’ve been

Jose’s hometown

By Caitlin Kelly

Loved this recent blog post with 10 reasons why you should go back to places you’ve already been to, instead of some frenzied checklist or bucket list of all the places you haven’t yet visited.

Georgetown. D.C., November 2017.

A few of these:

You’ve changed

Oh yeah! I spent a year in Paris at 25 on a life-changing journalism fellowship on the Rue du Louvre. Since then I’ve been back many many times, as often as I can afford, and have spent three birthdays there. I’m still me, but my perspective has changed, as it would.

I’ve been to Ireland five times — in the 80s to visit a friend in Dublin, the mid-90s when my father owned a Georgian house near Athenry, Co. Donegal; in the aughts with my father driving around, alone to cover the Lidsoonvarna singles festival and in 2015 with Jose. Happy to go back many more times!

You know what to expect

I love Riana’s detail — of bringing your Old Oyster card (yes!) back to London with you. I keep little bags of euros and Canadian currency for those return trips. I know how long it will take to get around some cities by bus or subway. I learned — in the heat of July — that city blocks in Berlin are massive! I thought New York city blocks were long, but no.

Every first visit will bring surprises (ask my husband about the pre-dawn post-flight bus I said would take us into Paris…but didn’t) but if you go back, you know better now.

Montreal has such a distinct sort of architecture

You can revisit old favorites

Well, post-pandemic I suspect many have closed for good.

But the ones that remain are a lovely comfort, whether a diner or cafe or museum or even a favorite street or park.

Riana is a pistol!

Like me, she’s Canadian and has created some fantastic adventures for herself.

Paris — bien sur!

I hope to be back in Berlin, Paris and London this fall.

And yet, there are also so many places I do want to see the first time, like:

Morocco, Japan, Jordan, Namibia, Malawi, South Africa, Botswana, VietNam, Nepal, Tibet, Mongolia…

What are some spots you love to go back to?

17 thoughts on “Why to re-visit somewhere you’ve been

  1. I’m with you — love to go back and revisit places. In fact, I would say that I enjoy most a lot better the second time around. We often return to Canada, to visit friends and family in Toronto, and recently made return stops in Montreal and QC. Here in Europe: Chania, in Crete; Split, in Croatia, Lisbon and Cascais in Portugal. Not to mention London and Paris, perennial city favourites. Hope you are able to make it back across the pond this year!

  2. Fingers crossed about the fall travel.

    I have never been a quantity person when it comes to travel. I like to go back again and again; there’s always so much to see, experience and learn. I spent a lot of time in UK when I was growing up (my mother was from UK) and never tire of returning. I lived in Germany and did lots of travelling round and about Europe, and for many years, I returned to Abano Terme (just outside Padua, Italy) because I loved the area. Santa Fe is also a favourite and I loved returning there with my M (who had never been) and watching him fall in love with it, too.

    I understand about visiting the new places, but for me, the old places have just as much allure.

  3. I’m hoping/planning to return to England next year to see more of London and the country. I just didn’t see enough in 2014, and I’m hoping with two weeks and more freedom, I can see a lot more and get more ideas than I know what to do with.
    And I always enjoy a trip to Boston, Massachusetts. It’s a lovely city and I enjoy walking around and seeing the sights. And it’s only a few hours away from my beloved Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast. Ooh, I hope I can find an excuse to go again!

  4. i think the reason to go back is that you now have a bit of the lay of the land. no need to waste anytime on a learning curve, just show up and enjoy the parts you didn’t have time to enjoy on your first visit or revisit the parts of a place you really loved.

      1. Carl

        So ready to get back to France. We have tickets for last week of September/first week of October; Normandy and Paris, respectively. Looking forward to exploring Normandy, one of the few areas we haven’t been to. And Paris is an old friend because we’ve done all the de rigueur things and now can just be.

        Really waiting to see how the French (and EU) are managing Covid and what the requirements will be. We’re both vaccinated; albeit still prudent.

        Portugal seems like it’s managing better with some really good numbers lately. And Lisbon has long been on our wish list. So it’s possible we switch itineraries. We’d welcome any Lisbon or Portuguese countryside out-of-the-box suggestions ripe for serendipity and discovery.

        Thanks as always.


      2. This sounds lovely!

        Lisbon is fantastic…I love its specific, Baroque-ish Manueline architecture. Sintra is AMAZING. I went to Beja and Evora and Albufeira.

        Love Normandy — go see the Bayeux Tapestry. It is every bit as amazing as you might hope. And the D-Day beaches and cemeteries. I was moved to tears by the Canadian cemetery and all the notes of thanks (still!) in local windows…

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