More simple pleasures

By Caitlin Kelly

Happy New Year!

As we plunge into 2022, COVID raging, so many of us confined to quarters, we all really need some extra cheer!

First — a big thank you to everyone still showing up here. It’s been (!) 13 years since I posted for the first time, and here we all are.

Also — I am very much hoping you will stay healthy, but if this terrible disease catches you, you are well-vaxxed and it won’t be too grim.

A few things I enjoy:

Regaining our full northwest view of the Hudson River now that the treetops are bare

The exact moment, easily missed and so lovely, when the rising sun behind us on the east bank of the Hudson hits a row of windows on the west bank — making them look like signal fires. I call it the “ruby moment.”

Twinkling lights on a Christmas tree

Getting up for a morning bath, then back to bed under the duvet for more snoozing

Lying in bed reading

The astonishing burst of brilliant orange just as the sun sets

Enjoying all the Christmas cards we stick to the back of our front door

Fruitcake! (yes, really)

Fresh flowers in every room because the skies are so gray — and so are our moods

Silence, broken only by the hissing of radiators

So much great music on Sirius XM: jazz, classical, Classic Rewind, Deep Cuts

The endless beauty of the sky and clouds — just look up!

English and French decorating magazines — all those charming 17th c Cotswold cottages and rambling chateaux!

Playing my vinyl records, from Rocky Horror Picture Show to Vivaldi to Billy Bragg

Clipping and organizing recipes

Trying out new recipes

Clearing out clothes, shoes, household goods for donation or sale

Organizing every drawer and closet, ready for 2022

Re-watching beloved TV series (Derry Girls!) and movies I know so well I can quote the dialogue (The Devil Wears Prada, Casablanca, all the Bourne movies.)

Starting every cold dark morning with the gentle glow of a scented bedside candle

What are some of yours?

15 thoughts on “More simple pleasures

  1. a lovely group of simple pleasures – mine are walking in the woods and by the river in the new season, fresh candles lit and with lovely scents, quite music from my favorite indy station, movies I haven’t yet seen, but aspire to do so, thinning out my things and keeping less but things that are more important to me, a wonderful steaming cup of pour-over coffee with swirls of heavy cream, reading my pile of books sitting waiting for me and falling asleep in my comfy bed while doing so.

  2. Some of my favorite simple pleasures is seeing my weight staying in a healthy range, or getting close if I’ve had a slip. I also enjoy sleeping in late and messing around on my phone afterwards, a nice drive where I listen to an audio book, and just finding some time to write.

  3. Walking in my ‘hood when it’s snowing and the whole world looks like a giant, serene snowglobe. Seeing fresh tracks and wondering who’s been there before me? Who will be there after me? Will they wonder about me?

  4. A fresh snowfall and a walk. Burning incense at sunrise. Curled up on the couch reading and then dozing off for a nap. Popcorn, cheese and olives are some of my favourite snacks and I often indulge.

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