Toronto Humane Society A House Of Horrors — Closed Indefinitely

Small, brindle-marked dog posed on table in studio
Image by George Eastman House via Flickr

It’s a hell of a story if you love animals – Toronto’s Humane Society closed indefinitely after a raid last Thursday found scary conditions, including a dead cat mummified in the ceiling. Since the raid by the Ontario Society for the Protection of Animals, a puppy, two cats, a dog and a raccoon have had to be euthanized, so terrible was the condition they were found in, reports the Toronto Star:

“I have seen things that have made me cry and haunted my dreams in that building,” said Marcie Laking, a former animal-care worker who has spoken out numerous times against the society.

Laking started working at the society as a volunteer in 2001, and became a staff member in 2005. By 2006, what she had seen in the building had taken its toll.

“I remember taking dead animals when my shifts would start, and dead kittens,” said Laking. “These animals are dying painful deaths – from ailments that are not being treated, are not being treated properly or can’t be treated – and they are dying in their cages.”

The body of the mummified cat was put on display Friday during a guided media tour of the facility. Strooband led groups of journalists and television crews through the area of the building used to house about 1,000 cats.