Size 14 The New Ideal For Women — Thanks To Mad Men

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Here’s an idea — bigger women rock. From the Daily Mail:

All women should aspire to be a size 14 with buxom, hourglass figures, the new equalities minister claims.

They must not be made to feel inadequate by stick-thin models staring out of advertising billboards and magazines.

Instead, they should regard curvaceous women such as Christina Hendricks, star of the TV series Mad Men, as their ultimate role models, Lynne Featherstone said.

The Liberal Democrat minister described the actress, who plays Joan Holloway in the popular American drama set in the 1960s, as ‘absolutely fabulous’.

She said that too often, women were made to feel wretched about their size as they were constantly comparing themselves with ‘unattainable’ figures of celebrities and models…

‘Christina Hendricks is absolutely fabulous. We need more of these role models,’ she added.

I agree. I’m sick to death of skinny 16 year olds held up as my “role model” when I am neither their age nor aspire to their body size or proportions.

I weary of the Olsen twins, billionaires who look like homeless people wearing too much eyeshadow. Or actresses whose shoulder blades protruding from their designer ballgowns on the red carpet simply look scary.

I recently saw an older woman at a local restaurant whose legs resembled twigs. She looked terribly unhealthy but had clearly starved herself to this size.

Or…is this just one more excuse to be a little piggy and eat too much?

Boyzone's Stephen Gately Slagged By Daily Mail — Outrage Downs Their Website

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A column slagging Boyzone’s Stephen Gately, a gay man, after his recent and untimely death in a Spanish hotel room has prompted the most complaints ever — 22,000 — to Britain’s Press Complaints Commission. Daily Mail columnist Jan Moir decided to use Gately as a poster boy for the wages of homosexual sin, these days a tired little trope for many, but clearly not for all.

Gately, 33, died in Mallorca, a Balearic island that, for some, remains another symbol of hedonistic decadence — while an autopsy found he’d died of pulmonary edema.

The PCC’s code contains 16 categories of offenses, from giving gory details of a suicide to sneaking into a hospital, unidentified, as a reporter, a trick one Daily News colleague of mine used successfully. While the Council has no punitive or regulatory power, it at least explicitly names and codifies some of the abuses — the ones that drive highly-profitable editorial decisions made in every newsroom every day. In the endless race for eyeballs and dollars, ethics, apparently, be damned.