What About Their Wives?

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Ah-nuld. DSK. Weiner.

What a sad, stupid, nasty trio of egos gone wild. All-id-all-the-time!

And, yet, they all (this week, anyway), have super alpha wives: smart, educated, powerful, wealthy.

Anne Sinclair, DSK’s wife, millionaire, broadcaster.

Huma Abedin, aide to Hillary Clinton, featured in Vogue: gorgeous, married less than two years to Weiner. (I do wonder what Hillary is saying to her about surviving such marital insanities.)

Maria Shriver, ex-broadcaster, ex First Lady, member of the Kennedy clan.

Their alpha men can’t keep their trousers zipped, nor be truthful or faithful.

My ex-husband wailed to me, on June 15, 1994, after barely two years of marriage, “I’m leaving” and ran off with someone he worked with; I at least had the financial dignity and means to survive without his lies and deception. Thanks to a pre-nup I made him sign.

I’d left Canada, and friends, family and career, to follow him to his native U.S. to start his medical career. (Journalism is not a business you leave untended for any length of time.)

Six weeks after I threw his stuff into garbage bags — after seven years of trying to make the thing work — I had a funny, fun, kind new boyfriend. And a marriage proposal from someone else in another  country who had loved me from afar for decades.

These men are morons — and their women? I can’t fathom the rage and embarrassment they must feel at having chosen them or stayed with them.

Women like these have choices, plenty of them, and better ones than these wretches.

I’d change the locks and start proceedings on every one of these losers.

What would you do?

OMG! NBC News To Air A Week's News On Women

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Stop the presses! Women are newsworthy.

You’ll forgive me, won’t you, for my lack of rah-rah-ness upon reading today’s story about increased coverage of women planned for next month by NBC News. A whole week, all about us! It makes me want to lift my very old and very heavy non-flat-screen TV and heave it off the balcony. It makes me want to heave in a few other ways.

Women get so little media coverage that even an old study of how little we get wouldn’t read very differently today.

Here’s a better idea. Feature stories on or by women every single day in every single newspaper section and in every single newscast who are not: wealthy, white, powerful, celebrities, celebrities’ wives, girlfriends, mothers, daughters, mistresses, murdered ex’es, politicians, murder or violence victims.

I’m not advocating quotas or skewing coverage. We’re already being fed a skewed and distorted vision when women — 50 percent of the population — consistently receive a lot less than 50 percent of the media’s attention.