'Toyota, You Ought To Be Ashamed Of Your Greed' — Speed-Up Victim's Emotional Testimony

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Powerful and terrifying testimony from Rhonda Smith, an American woman whose Lexus, at 100 mph, would not slow down while driving on the highway. Reports Injuryboardcom:

She just told the House Energy and Commerce Committee that on October 12, she was driving in Severville on Hwy 66 entering I-40.

“I was entering the interstate and accelerated and merged into second lane. I lost all control of the acceleration. The cruise light goes on. I thought maybe the cruise control caused the car to accelerate as my foot was not on the gas pedal. I take my foot off cruise control but it continues to accelerate. I put the car in reverse but it speeds at 100 mph with both feet on the brake and nothing slows the car, not even the emergency brake.

“I thought I’d have to put it into the guard rail before I hurt anyone else. I called my husband with the blue tooth. I knew (she cries) he could not help me but I wanted to hear his voice. After 6 miles God intervened. As the car came very slowly to a stop I pulled it to the left median with the car stopped and both feet on the brake the motor still reved up and down at 35 mph and would not shut off. Finally at 33 mph I was able to turn the engine off.

“After my husband arrived there was nothing unusual with the floormats, the dash lights and radio were still on. the wrecker driver asked my hsubnd to put my car in neutral so he could use the winch. My husband was able to shift into neutral, but when he did that, the car tried to start itself. The wrecker driver attested to this. After ten days Toyota did not contact us. We received an analysis stating “if properly maintained the brakes will always override the accelerator.” Well that’s a lie!