Come On, Get Happy!

A typical fish oil  softgel
Fish oil. Yes,it helps. Image via Wikipedia

In case you needed suggestions, here’s a recent list from New York magazine. (Ignore the hopelessly shameless PR-plugs rewritten they’ve tossed in throughout.)

I’ve done, or typically do, some of their 50 suggestions: 2) Make your bed; 12) beat a cop to an expiring meter by popping in a quarter for someone else; 19) assume the crazy people rushingreallyfast everywhere really are in some urgent hurry; 25) fish oil to soothe your mood; 27) move your body three times a week for 45 minutes; 31) collect visual memories of moments when you were incredibly happy and 39) spend some time with animals.

I especially like the idea of 34) Diversify your cognitive portfolio — museum Mondays, tennis Tuesdays, etc. and No. 44) Think like a shark, act like a five-year-old by moving about every 30 minutes.

My new screen saver is of a lovely moment on vacation last week, exactly one week ago, of me and a horse standing quietly together head to head, each staring off in opposite directions, each of us lost in quiet thought. Another one in the slide show is a tight close-up of Sammy, the ranch manager’s dog who was always insanely happy to play.

For me, a quick trip to happiness involves visual beauty (fresh white tulips on my desk), silence or lovely music, a great meal, chatting with a friend or learning something new.

Tonight I’m not — sorry — going to tune into Obama’s State of the Union speech. I see no way that will make me, or many of us right now, happy.

Instead I’m heading into Manhattan to heed suggestion no. 34 to listen to one of my photographic idols, Deborah Turbeville.

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