Taking comfort in…

By Caitlin Kelly


Reliving happy memories helps — my wedding day in 2011.


When life gets ugly and out of control, as it inevitably does for everyone at some point, we  need to rest, recharge, maybe withdraw and definitely seek comfort.

It’s a deep hunger and one we dismiss or ignore at our peril.

Many Americans turned to their faith communities last week, with churches in many cities welcoming people who are angry, confused, grieving and needing solace.

The entire country feels wounded and wary.

Things aren’t much happier in Britain, with political leaders lying and quitting at a rapid rate.

It’s also been a rough time for me personally; nothing life-threatening, but I’m weary.

So I seek comfort in several ways:


– A walk in nature

— Hugs from my husband

— Reading for pure pleasure (not the usual glut of must-read news and non-fiction)

— Bubble baths

— A cold beer (weekends only)

— Classical music

— Playing my 80s vinyl

— Rice pudding

Freshly-ironed pillowcases

— Flowers, everywhere

Cooking a favorite recipe (this week, tomato/leek quiche)

— Entertaining dear friends; six coming for Sunday lunch this week

— Sitting a cafe with a pal, the kind who knows you really well and is OK if you start crying in public


When things go south, how do you comfort yourself?




23 thoughts on “Taking comfort in…

  1. Chocolate. An expensive bottle of red wine. Coffee. A home-made lasagna is good comfort food, so I might make that with chocolate pudding to follow. Hunkering down and watching old black and white films from the 1940s and 50s, there’s a lot of them on Youtube. Fresh cut flowers and/or a beautiful orchid.

  2. i am right smack dab in ground zero of one of these periods in my life. i’m staying alone in a quiet house with music a cat baths walks good food and am leaving for ireland tomorrow. all the good will come around again soon, i’m sure of that –

  3. I’m with you on the walks, the reading, the flowers. I also find my furry companion (rescue dog) such a comfort. Unconditional, simple love. I have to believe that those of us who are light and love with finally rise up and make a difference en masse.

  4. I remember the Buddhist wisdom: nothing stays the same forever. So no matter how bad it is now, it will change. And no matter how good it is now, it will change, too–so I savor the good moments and relax into the difficult ones. I also snuggle with my very loving little dog and focus on breathing deeply and steadily.

    1. Wow! Where to this time? I thought (?) you were loving the Okanagnan?

      Only in Canada can you say this so casually…:-)

      Thank you…and congrats/best of luck with the move and your new job and home!

      1. I do love the Okanagan and we will be keeping our home here, but a great opportunity came up in Saskatoon. Go figure. I still have packed boxes from last year. 🙂

        Thanks for your good wishes. 🙂

  5. Cooking. Cooking is a great stress release, followed by eating, of course 🙂 Walking, which is like breathing to me. Just putting one foot in front of the other helps. And spending time with a friend.

    1. Cooking…so true! We’re having four friends over this weekend, so much cooking ahead. It’s a great way to de-focus from stress and re-focus on pleasure.

      Friend-time is the best of all. 🙂

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