Here's A Movie I Want To See — Trolls!

In business, Media on June 29, 2010 at 11:36 pm

Some of you are too young to remember when a troll wasn’t just a jerk on a comments page but a small, rubbery Danish-made doll with a head full of hair that came in neon colors.

Now they’re about to star in a film made by DreamWorks Animation:

The trolls, with unique faces and shocks of colorful hair, were first sold in the early 1960s and experienced a resurgence in the 1990s. Several competitors have sold copies of the original trolls.

“My father would have been very happy to know that his troll has found its dream partner in DreamWorks Animation,” said Niels Dam, who owns the family business.

DreamWorks Animation produced “How To Train Your Dragon” this past spring and has announced plans for a sequel. Its other movie franchises are “Shrek,” “Kung Fu Panda” and “Madagascar.”

As an only child who hated classic girly dolls, and who spent hours playing with Lego and trollswhat makes Danes such great toy inventors? — I think this is a hoot. I loved their simian little faces and crazy hair. It’s time a new generation gets to know them as well.

  1. Leaving it to us, the online kind, to reclaim the name after the movie comes out.

  2. Sometimes, I still wonder if I could shake myself and get my hair to stick up like that. If only I could dye it neon green!

  3. Suzanna, I think with enough product in your hair it’s totally doable — as is the neon green. Back in the 80s I had a tiny lock of bright neon pink at the back of my haircut, sort of a rebellion in reverse. Maybe we could start a trend…

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