At 20, College Student And Mother Becomes Mexican Police Chief

Coat of arms of Mexico.
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Check this out for bravery:

So now the new chief in Guadalupe, a town of 10,000 residents near the Texas border, is 20-year-old college criminology major Marisol Valles García.

Public officials have increasingly become the targets of assassination as Mexican cartels try to tighten their grasp on the country. Just this year, 11 Mexican mayors have been slain, including the former mayor of Guadalupe, who was killed in June. In the small town, “police officers and security agents have been killed, some of them beheaded,” according to the AFP.

Valles tells a local paper that she took the job to help the town’s people become less fearful. “Afraid? Everyone is afraid and it’s very natural. What motivates me here is that the project [to make the community safer] is very good and can do a lot for my town. I know that we are going to change and remove this,” she said.

As someone who has lived in, loves and has visited Mexico many times, and a passionate feminist, I’m proud as hell of this young woman. But I sure hope this doesn’t soon become her premature obituary.

No one else applied for the job, so she got it.

A young photography intern was shot and killed recently, another victim of the drug wars there:

Still wearing press badges and with their equipment handy, Luis Carlos Santiago, 21, and fellow intern Carlos Manuel Sánchez had just learned camera tricks at a workshop. They were about to get a bite to eat.

Instead, Santiago was riddled with bullets about 2:30 p.m. as he was driving a silver Nissan sedan in the parking lot of the Río Grande Mall. The mall is in the busy commercial Triunfo de la República Avenue area in north Juárez.

I admire young passion and idealism but I don’t want to see talented, committed men and women dying for it.

What do you think of her decision?

4 thoughts on “At 20, College Student And Mother Becomes Mexican Police Chief

  1. Lisa

    I wonder if her power lies in the fact that she is young and female. I too hope that this isn’t an early death sentence, but if idealism cannot change the world that what can?

  2. I am all for idealism! Without it, we are all screwed. But it is such a terribly dangerous place and the drug lords ruthless.

    I doubt anyone anywhere now is powerful against them and they revel in that fact — they just decapitated (!) the agent investigating the shooting death of an American man whose JetSki strayed into Mexican territory on a Tex-Mex border lake.

  3. This is the first I have heard about it. I haven’t been following the news. Thanks for playing CNN. 🙂

    I fear for her life.

    If she dies, will that bring enough outrage for SOMETHING BIG to be done about this problem there?

    One part of me wants their government to take on a scorched earth policy and deal with these outlaws mercilessly. Another part of me thinks that the problem will never end as long as their is a demand for the supply with profit available. Perhaps it is time for our government to dole out drugs to addicts cheaply in clinics, (managed care).. taking away all the profit, and deal a final death blow to these cartels. (just sayin’)

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