How’s your Saturday going?

By Caitlin Kelly

palm leafs
photo: Caitlin Kelly

On the balcony, in my white cotton nightie — visible only to the low-flying prop planes and helicopters and assorted birds — listening to reggae on WKCR, the radio station of Columbia University.

Enjoying the breeze off the Hudson River.

Loving the daily posts from fellow blogger Beth, on vacation in Ireland.

Maybe out for lunch later, and buying food for a friend visiting from California who’s coming for Sunday lunch tomorrow, one of our favorite traditions.

The NYT and Financial Times waiting to be read, plus all the piles of unread magazines.

Maybe down to our apartment’s pool this afternoon.

Reluctantly turned down a visiting Toronto friend’s last-minute to catch up in Manhattan – it’s going to be 100 degrees there today with heat/humidity. (We’ll see one another in Toronto next month.)


What are you up to this fine weekend?

16 thoughts on “How’s your Saturday going?

  1. Well Caitlin, as far as your posts go, this feels rather random.
    As for my Saturday, I woke up earlier than I would’ve liked, because my doctor said I had to get a blood test today (I saw him yesterday and I have a follow-up appointment next week). I did not eat till near 9:30, and then after breakfast I took the bus back to my neighborhood. I’m now at the library, where I’ve picked up some reserves (including a scary movie I’ll probably watch and review tonight), and am catching up on email. Later I’ll go shopping with my mother, and after that I’ll probably just chill.

    1. Good luck at the doctor — I had my annual physical this week and am trying to understand all the detailed tests results…?!

      Random, yes.

      Interaction here (likes, comments, etc) is lower than it used to be, so I wonder if shorter/lighter (?) posts are a better way to go.

  2. I’m having a lazy Saturday — out for coffee this morning at a local coffee roastery. Lunch: sea salt and rosemary focaccia, cherry tomatoes with garlic and olive oil, and Spanish olives. An afternoon walk. Now, doing chores and laundry. I have a huge pile of ironing to do that I’ve been putting off…sigh!

    Enjoy your Saturday. It sounds great! πŸ™‚

  3. I am currently enjoying the last day of my visit to Prince Edward Island, where I am from and where my family comes from. I had breakfast; I dropped off my postcards; I went off to have lunch with my aunt and her son, also visiting. Tonight there will be a barbecue, some theatre, and then packing for my 6:45 flight back to Toronto tomorrow morning.

    1. Randy, this sounds lovely! And thanks for weighing in.

      I grew up in Toronto (back often) and have yet (!) to visit PEI; my MD has a house there and loves it. I bet you miss it…

      And postcards. Postcards! How retro. πŸ™‚

      1. Love postcards! I recently re-found some 1930s and 40s images of NYC — postcards that I bought at a flea market in Mexico City. I love old postcards especially. a

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