More simple pleasures…

By Caitlin Kelly

At my Dad's house
At my Dad’s house

The smell of Jose’s cigar

A fab new watch — $11

IMG_20150608_115938965My first facial. Oooooohlala.

Having friends come for dinner, savoring hours of good food, good wine and lively conversation

We love to have dinner on our balcony, a pleasure we eagerly await all year long
We love to have dinner on our balcony, a pleasure we eagerly await all year long

The sound of wind soughing through the trees

The fragrance of sun-warmed pine needles

Birdsong to start the morning

Sunset over the Hudson river, our view

IMG_20150604_203602942_HDRA mid-afternoon nap

A birthday phone message from my best friend who lives a six-hour flight away, who I met in freshman English class a bazillion years ago

A fun pair of sunglasses, scored for $12 at a London flea market

A silly winter selfie...
A silly winter selfie…

Treating myself to lunch at Cafe Saks, at Saks Fifth Avenue, with its great view of midtown


A bouquet of roses

Lunch under the trees at Maud’s with my co-ed softball team, friends ages 20-something to 70-something, a group that includes a former network TV producer, a retired ironworker and a few lawyers

Watching tugboats pushing huge barges along the Hudson River

Living in a town filled with beauty, even in unlikely places, like the walls of a newly-emptied store


A cocktail on the roof at Red Hat at sunset at the river’s edge

The thwack of a well-hit golf ball

Pretty earrings, a gift from Jose for my recent birthday

An X and an O, one for each ear
An X and an O, one for each ear

Butterscotch pudding — only 130 calories!

Hitting to the outfield, (ok, the edges anyway)

My crisp, citrus-y new fragrance, Oyedo, by French brand Dipthyque. The original name of Tokyo — Edo — is apt, given my love of Japanese design and ukiyo-e prints

Yuzu -- yum!
Yuzu — yum!

Setting a pretty table for guests, place cards and all


Late afternoon tea, loose leaves, made in a pot and drunk from my Moomin mug


What are some of yours?

11 thoughts on “More simple pleasures…

    1. Thanks!

      For me it starts with observation…many people are so focused on the Next Big Thing (or their phones) they don’t even notice the lovely details around us all day. You can only be grateful for what you’re even aware of. ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Where do I begin? Watermelon anytime, but especially on a hot afternoon. A gentle, romantic kiss from my guy. Laying my head down on my pillow after a long day. The shade of tree on a sunny day. A quiet moment after too much noise. A hug from someone I care about. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. What a lovely post ๐Ÿ™‚ I also enjoy waking up to birdsong (I was happily surprised to learn it can be heard quite often here, even in the middle of a city), and a long dinner with wine, friends, and good conversation is one of my favourite things. Another simple pleasure of mine is listening to the sea; I find it very comforting, probably because for most of my life all I had to do was step outside the door to hear it. (Also – love the selfie of you wearing your sunglasses!)

    1. I’m lying in bed in Maine as I write this — listening to birds outside the window. Such a nice thing to wake up, for sure!

      The sound of the ocean must be soothing, too.

      Love those sunnies — $11 or so at a London flea market. They’re actually really good quality.

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