Some things worth saying

By Caitlin Kelly


Thank you!

I really appreciate what you did for me

I admire your strength

I love your sense of humor

I’m not sure how you do it — but good for you!

I don’t know how I’d get all this done without your help

You’re such a terrific friend

I love you

I’m really sorry I hurt your feelings

This is a tough assignment — so we’ll be sure you get the compensation you need for doing it

What can I do to help?

When can we get together?

Your teaching really pushed me — I learned a lot in your class

I enjoyed our time together

I’m so sorry for your loss

I made an error in judgment — I won’t let it happen again

How are you?

This must be a tough time for you

You did an amazing job on this project

What can I bring?

Sure, I can help — what time do you need me there?

You’re going through a rough time right now, but I’m here for you

Let’s meet for lunch tomorrow

Your resilience is an inspiration to me

I’m so glad we met

I’ll drive you to your appointment

I can take care of the kids this weekend

I’ll sit with you during chemo

What have you said recently to lift someone’s spirits?

What do you most need to hear right now?

27 thoughts on “Some things worth saying

  1. I think I said Happy Mother’s Day to my mother. And I usually tell people thank you when they do something nice for me. Though the other day, a coworker did me a really huge favor, and I think I did a blessing in the style of the rabbis, wishing him good health and whatnot (gratitude will make you do funny things).
    What I would like to hear now is “We would love to publish your short story!” or “Yes, I will read your book and write a review.” But I can’t exactly force people (other than certain family members) to do that, can I?

    1. You can try! 🙂

      Good manners are huge in my book, esp. expressions of appreciation and gratitude. I’ve been with Jose 17 years and I say thank-you to him a lot, still. I never take kindness for granted.

  2. I’m here for you, always – is what I said.
    Let’s meet up is what I needed, and that’s what a few of us, colleagues and friends for 20 years and more, are doing this evening.

  3. Jane Morgan

    How about “Just like old times”? My lifelong friend and I now live in different provinces. Tonight, she’ll be in our hometown, where I live and where we’re going on a double date. My guest will be my husband, hers will be a man she knew once but hasn’t seen in years. Husband and I are sort of her safety net, in case the date doesn’t go well. She and I are exchanging emails about the restaurant and what to wear; in one of her emails she commented on how grateful she is for being able to lean on me, and how nice it is to be planning our date together, just like old times. Her kind comments made my day.

    1. Love it!

      I live so far away from my Canadian friends now (sigh)…and so enjoy it when I get to see them again. Old friends are such a great gift. Good luck with the date!!

  4. “I don’t know how to help you right now, but I can listen and love you and root for you to work this out as you always do.” This with a warm hug brought back a friend’s smile and sense that she was going to be okay through ongoing work drama.

  5. I have been a caregiver to an elderly woman for 2 years. That poor thing has the meanest daughter. Just treats her mom like she’s a burden. Of course, the daughter signs my checks so I wait till she isn’t around to tell Jean “she got her daddy’s mouth huh”.

  6. Isla called me a ‘brave tomato’ once. I’ve been trying to live up to it ever since.

    What I need to hear these days: Here’s this house with neighbours around. Let’s swap!’

    What I’d say: The coffee’s on. Have you read this book? How are you, really?

  7. I thanked one of deacons at my church for inspiring me to go back to college a few years ago. I recently graduated and Sunday shared to the congregation how thankful I was for his inspiring words. He told me how much it meant to him.

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